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Re: ATP - Casablanca - Grand Prix Hassan II - 7-15 April 2012
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that was a must see final! Pablo vs Albert

too bad it was played with horrible weather conditions and multiple rain delays.
Ramos had his chances to take the 2nd set, servin to take it at 54 but Andujar broke him and then another rain delay before the last 2 games and the tiebreak. Andujar showing he was more experienced.
in the trophy presentation of corse, rain

Pablo Andujar Q&A: A Future R&B Artist?
Player Q&A

 Pablo Andujar was one of 10 first-time winners on the ATP World Tour in 2011, capturing the trophy at the Grand Prix Hassan II in Casablanca.

As part of ATPWorldTour.comís new Q&A series, Andujar discusses the attraction of playing in Casablanca, his drawbacks with social media and his fondness of singing... in the shower.

How does it feel to be back at the tournament where you won your first ATP World Tour title? Do you feel any extra pressure this week being the defending champion?
Of course. When you play the tournament where you won last year, you think about the points you have to defend. I try to avoid thinking about that as much as I can. I am happy to come back here because I feel very comfortable at this tournament. I have some friends here so I feel at home. That gives me security.
For those who havenít been to Morocco, why are you intrigued to play the tournament in Casablanca? What distinguishes it from other stops on the ATP World Tour?
To play the only ATP tournament in Africa is exciting. And the courts they have here are similar to the courts in Spain. We have things that Morocco gave us and they have things weíve shared with them. Itís a comfortable environment here.

Thus far in your career, clay has been your most successful surface. What do you enjoy most about playing on the red dirt?
I think itís a matter of education. Being Spanish, weíve always played on clay courts. We feel more comfortable on it because itís the way we started. We apply our games on the court, which makes us better on clay than on hard courts. I played futures and challengers on mostly clay, but now I try and mix it up more. Iíve tried to progress more on hard courts.
Youíre quite the linguist. Have you picked up any Arabic phrases during your time in Casablanca?
Not yet! I will try and come to Casablanca as much as I can to improve my Arabic.
If you could have the same level of talent as you do in tennis with the skill of your choice, what would you pick and why?
I would probably be a football player. A lot of tennis players have also played this when they were young. In my case, I played until I was 13 or 14 years old. I always try to watch the matches when I am home. The way the players move so many people just by scoring a goal is something that is so impressive. I would love to have that feeling.

Being a big Valencia CF fan, what do you think the club needs to do to get back to the top of La Liga and be a major threat in the other competitions like the Champions League?
I have to say Iím not only a Valencia fan, but also Levante. They are a smaller club in Valencia, but they are doing great. They are fifth. Itís very difficult. When they have to play Madrid and Barcelona, itís almost impossible. Valencia tries to be third, which is still very good.

The bad thing is we didnít go far in the Champions League. Thatís very important to us as it gives money and honour. In the situation now, they are struggling with money and itís difficult to go far with so many tough teams in the Champions League. I support them as much as I can and I hope they keep doing well. 

Do you have any social media accounts? If not, do you have any future plans to join Facebook and/or Twitter?
I donít have any right now because I donít like them. I think sometimes, you give too much information and you can say things that can be misunderstood.

But I might start, because itís important for the fans and to be in touch with other people. Iím planning to have a Twitter account.
What is something about yourself that tennis fans would be surprised to find out?
I have no idea how to cook. And I like to sing in the shower.

Did you sing after your matches today?
Not today. I usually do it when I am really happy. They are mostly Spanish songs, but Iím starting to sing R&B.

I also always carry a book when I am at a tournament.

What are you reading right now?
Itís a book by a French author my girlfriend gave me. I donít remember the name but itís in Spanish.

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Re: ATP - Casablanca - Grand Prix Hassan II - 7-15 April 2012
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Andujar Repeats As Casablanca Champion

Third seed Pablo Andujar defeated seventh-seeded countryman Albert Ramos 6-1, 7-6(5) in a rain-delayed final to successfully defend his Casablanca title at the Grand Prix Hassan II on Sunday.

"I'm very happy, as this is very special to me. I didn't think that I could win here twice in a row,Ē said Andujar. ďIt was difficult with the three rain delays.Ē

Andujar capitalised on all four of his break opportunities, winning 47 per cent of his return points to triumph in one hour and 46 minutes. He is yet to drop a set in his three tour-level meetings with Ramos.

ďAlbert was a bit nervous at the beginning and I played very well during the first set,Ē Andujar assessed. ďThe second set could have gone in both directions. It wasn't easy to remain calm in the end.Ē

The 26-year-old Andujar improved to a 2-3 final record, with all of his title match appearances coming on clay. He is 9-0 in Casablanca, taking 18 of the 20 sets heís played at the ATP World Tour 250 event.

Ramos was contesting his first ATP World Tour final and dropped to a 14-10 season record.

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Self-praise is for losers. Be a winner. Stand for something. Always have class, and be humble.