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Hi !

Are you tired of standing around in a gym lifting weights staring at yourself in the mirror, listening to music you don't really like, getting bored and feeling unmotivated? Tired of the same old routine with limited or no noticeable results? Ever wanted to just unleash your raw power with finesse & grace..Ever thought of taking some fun Tennis Lessons? Welcome to me !

This's Dr. Abs Singh .I'm a 31 yr old medical doctor who was a former junior tennis pro , before getting into medicine..Currently , I'd rate myself conservatively a 5.0-5.5 on the tennis scale,7.0 being the highest. I coach personalised 1-on-1 tennis. I work with your existing technique to help you play a smarter & more competitive game. Together,we work on your weak areas & help improve them gradually but definitely.

Some of the areas we'd cover are: Forehand , Backhand, Flat Serve , Kick serve , Slice , Chops , Volleys, Smashes , Killer angle shots on both flanks , etc ..

I specialise in teaching ' Topspin ' (also called as ' forward spin' , 'kicker' , 'brush up ' in popular parlance ) I teach it according to the Modern Tennis Methodology ( MTM-Oscar Wegner school of thought ) of an 'Open Stance ' vis-a-vis the traditional old school method of 'Closed Stance' . This is how the pros are playing modern tennis nowadays . This is how you reduce stress on the joints of your body, importantly the back & the knee joints.It makes playing tennis so much more instinctive & so less mechanical .. :-)

NOT JUST TENNIS BUT CARDIO TENNIS .. (?) Very simply put , Cardio Tennis involves tennis training drills which forces the student to WORK OUT on the tennis court till he/she reaches the desired heart rate for his/her age .

How do you achieve it ? There are a range of motions , namely forward stepping , back stepping , side stepping , baseline run , run-to-net , oblique or diagonal run ,all of these pertaining to hitting groundstrokes ( forehand & backhand ) .

Then there are serve drills , volley drills ,over head drills ,all designed to get the heart pumping to desired heart rate / min for that age . I'm a med doc preppin to enter residency , so you need not worry , i've got a good handle from the medical point of view of what a student will or will not be able to handle out there on the tennis court :-)

Cardio tennis works for people who like to have a aerobic heart rate & also burn that fat while playing a fun sport or also for people who want to take a small break from personal trainers & do something different before they rejoin .

SCHEDULE : I coach between 8 am & 10pm on tuesdays, thursdays, saturdays & sundays , ON AN APPOINTMENT BASIS . I supply the balls , two 75 ball hoppers & also racquets if you need them . I'm prepping to enter Residency right now so the spare time I have is devoted to spreading my passion for tennis. I have many students & I'd be happy to provide references if you want .

WHAT ONE OF MY STUDENTS HAS TO SAY .. ' As a beginning tennis player I was looking for an instructor who would have the patience and skills necessary to shape and mold a rather strong willed guy like myself. I found all that and more in Abs . His approach is measured, methodical and confident. From not knowing which end of the racquet to hold, Abhit has quickly brought me to a much greater understanding of the game and its many subtleties. Write to me at MMPOOK @ AOL.COM& I'll tell you more about Abs & my tennis instruction in Pasadena ..- Matthew Pook, 53 , Film Maker , Silverlake. '

CONTACT ME : I'm at ABS @ TENNISLESSONSLA.COM , but if you'd like to speak to me in person, feel free to call me on my CELL (626) 429 - 4334 .

So what are you waiting for ? Call me now ! :-)



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