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I've started playing 18 and under tournaments.  I'm in a club and its an inter city Davis cup type format where you play both singles and doubles.  Anyway I've been rushing the net a lot lately, 80% of the time when I get a short ball and have blown  some easy volleys where I try to hit a forhand volley "inside-out" - toward my opponents backhand side.  I frame it and it doesn't go over the net.  It seems to be the worst part of my net game excpet my sh!tty overheads.  Any help?

I had that same problem myself. My instructor told me that the reason it kept going into the net was because I was pushing the ball forward too much. He said that I should put a lot of spin on the ball. In other words, instead of following through forwards, you should follow through upwards with a lot of spin. But don't use too much force or else you will send it sailing in the sky.

Upwards?  What?  Doesn't make sense.  You should be trying to impart slice on volleys.


--- Quote from: "thejackal" ---Upwards?  What?  Doesn't make sense.  You should be trying to impart slice on volleys.
--- End quote ---

I was talking about hitting topspin winners. I know it's confusing. Just look at how Venus Williams does hers.

Make sure you are split stepping to get your balance and movement in the right direction.  Nad keep you eyes on the ball.

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