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Rafael Nadal foundation for the Slamless and Greedy

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A major proof of Nadal's football tardism letting him down in crucial matches

during 2010 FIFA world cup, spain having already lost their opening tie to switzerlanad and having spanked honduras in second match, was scheduled to play their last group match against chile in a literally do-or-die situation on 25th june.......see what happened the day before and the day after that football match,

24th june

being anxious about the next day's do or die contest for spain, rafa trailed 2 sets to 1 to robin haase and somehow won it in 5.......

26th june

after spending a sleepless night on 25th night watching football, rafa yet again trailed 2 sets to 1 again against petszchner and somehow dug that one out as well.......

once the group stages of world cup finished, he focused on wimbledon and settled into the tournament by crushing mathieu and soderling........after that he was business as usual........

so this is not the first time he lost his focus because of that pathetic crap sport called football.......

That has to be one of the most stupid theories in the history. I believe it was developed by some fanboys.

Nadal hadn't find his form on grass is one major reason. And in opposite, Lukas's form perhaps one of his best form in his career. His form is just the one that players need to do to beat Nadal or said any players. That is never allow Nadal get into long rally. Good first serve plus excellent backhand and forehand winners (he really created a lot of angle in that match with his two wings) with low rate errors, and good return created consistently aggressive tennis. Nadal had no time re-group in that match.

The trouble for Nadal in this match is that he cannot read Lukas's first serve. After review some highlights, I am a bit surprised he didn't do more on second serve. The return dropped too short. He allowed Lukas played his own mind game after 2nd set. That is disaster for Nadal.

By the way, the match broadcast showed that Lukas generate 100+ mph forehand and 100+ mph backhand. His backhand was even quicker than Djokovic in that match.

Well, Nadal came back in the fourth set and in the fifth set; he did how his own on his serve after he got broken in the first game.  Lukas played a near perfect game on serve - in the fifth and deciding set.  But Nadal was not bore and had all he could take and more in the fifth.  You just have to watch the fifth set to see the conclusion of the match.  You opinion will change!

i agree that Football can be very distracting (in my case total eclipse of W by EURO-CUP) but Rafa is one of the greatest athlete in sport ever and huge part of that is his mental toughness   

this was just case of good old fast court tennis ( yes W is super slow these days/years but in second round grass is still there and in 5. set with roof up: player who had serve day of his life won )

There may be some merit to Shank's Footy Tardism theory.
Full credit to Rosol for completely disrupting Nadal's rhythm based game.
What forum member(s) do you know who've recommended this strategy for beating Raf? :)) ;-()

I only saw a replay of the full 5th set.
Flat out, the most stunning display of attacking tennis I've ever seen.
I think this even tops Safin's upset of Pete in the 2000 U.S. Open.
Lukas was playing like a man possessed and you could see it in his eyes.
At no time did he appear to feel the pressure of the moment or let up on his relentless attack.

Keys to the match-
Refuse to rally with Rafa.
Force him to play by the rules and at the specified pace.
Hit nearly every shot for a winner. :rofl_2:
Relieve yourself from expectation and play in the moment.  No past, no future, just now.


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