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Greetings from India

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Clay Death:
welcome to the forums friend.
what part of india are you from?
post away and have a blast. no need to be shy around here. we are all crazy about sports.

Welcome @ T4Y :)


--- Quote from: hercules on August 02, 2012, 08:21:50 PM ---welcome to the forums friend.
what part of india are you from?

--- End quote ---

Staying in Delhi for now. Will be shifting to Mussoorie in September.  :)

Greetings young lady.
This board could use another Fed fan as there's just one old lady and a few kids here pulling for him.
Most of the other members are Nadal fans except for this one knucklehead from Canada who likes The Joker.
There's really only a couple of other members who are bonafide tennis fans but most of their posts are pure rubbish since they don't really follow the top 3 or 4 players much.  They usually just go to tournaments and share pics and stories with the forum.  I mean really, how boring.  The worst part is there's another guy who's some sort of beginner official who chimes in occasionally with lame tips about rules & stuff.  I mean really, what does that have to do with Nadal, Fed, or that other guy that played pretty good last year.....what's his name???  I'd much rather revisit the GOAT or UGIPOAT discussion for the umpteenth time.

Welcome to T4U! ;-()

^  :rofl_2: Thanks, monstertruck, I think.  ;-()


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