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Touched the Net Before the Point was over


I will be posting questions I get from people via email for everyone to read as I always find them interesting.  Here is a question I received today:

"I was playing doubles and I was serving.  My opponent hit his return into the net and the ball dropped to his court.  Before the ball dropped to the court, my partner hit the net with his racket.
We gave them the point.  My question is:  “When is the ball no longer in play when the ball strikes the net without coming over.”? We assumed it was when the ball touch the court surface.  Were we correct in giving our opponents the point?"

Jamesdster's Answer: 
The ball wasn't dead until it hit the court surface, since the net is not a permanent fixture.  He was correct in giving the point to his opponent.

Sweet! :)

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....and they didn't even touch then net!!!


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