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What Was My Call?

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This happened today in a match I was umpiring.  A girl came running into the net to get to a ball....she hits the ball for an apparent winner, but before the ball lands she runs into the trash can (with her body) that is attached to the outside of the net post.  Does she win the point?

Is she allright? :(

If it's attached, it's part of the net and she loses the point....I think. :))

I believe she does not lose the point as it is not a permanent fixture.  Clueless really, but I am going for it!

She loses the point because the point began with the trash basket affixed to the net post. Falls under "assumption of risk" code.

Fans boo chair unmercifully! !!!

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As much as it pains me to say this....Scott is correct!  :)~


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