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Ok, 1 last scenario from the tourney from last weekend.  Another easy one (I think).  Let’s say it was Baker – Babs vs Monster Truck – Dallas.  A nice point is being played when a ball rolls behind Babs (and of course he has been drinking  :drinks: and doesn’t notice it laying just behind him.)  His partner Baker is so focused and going forward that he doesn’t see it either.  Monster and Dallas are the only ones who see it but they keep playing.  Obviously they could care less that Baker or Babs could dislocate an ankle.  Knowing them as we all do, they only care about winning the point.  Well, the point ends and Babs notices the ball lying just behind the baseline and gets very angry yelling at Dallas and Monster “WHY DIDN’T YOU CALL A LET!!!??”  BAKES AND I COULD HAVE SUFFERED A SERIOUS INJURY!!!!!”  Well, Dallas proceeds to tell them “we would have called a let, but the ball was on YOUR SIDE OF THE COURT!”  Monster chimes in “You can only call a let for a ball rolling on your own side of the court, so we weren’t allowed to call a let. Was Monster and Dallas correct (for once)?

As far as I know if someone calls a let because the ball is bothering them then the let stands.  Otherwise, if no one calls it, it is not a let.

ANYONE can call a let on either side of the net.  Monster and Dallas wrong as usual!   :)>>>>

i want to tell u about this site (including most of the service "T" on one court).  Several of my players felt that they had a hard time calling the lines and that the opposing players took advantage of the state of the court by calling several of their good shots out. ://

when I checked this index I found a lot of things that I couldn't find earlier


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