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Not sure on an "Ace Serve".


I believe I got hosed last night in a friendly match.  JimD to confirm, but I am 99% sure I was hosed.

Baker aces opponent.  Neither opponent was sure if it was in or not so they tell me to "take 2".  Ummmmmmmm...

hahahahaha.  Was Chuck R playing????  That's one of his tricks.  If he's not sure he says "our point or play 2."  SAY WHAT????????????   :rofl_2:  If you are not sure whether the ball was in or not you call it good.  If you are ONLY 99% sure it is out, then it is GOOD.  That's an easy one.

I thought it was an easy one.  Friendly match so it was cool, plus I held, but it was a rough way to start out a service game, plus I ended up losing the point.

That scenario is another of my pet peeves.  The rule is sooooo simple:  if you are not sure if a shot is in or not, THEN IT IS INNNNNNNNNNNNNNN.  The first of course is asking for a first serve because you had to throw a ball back to an adjacent court (between 1st and 2nd serves). 


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