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Looking for an advanced tennis job all over the world


Hello, I am looking for a challenge abroad. At the moment i am a fulltime tennis coach and teacher in Belgium.  Age: 29y ! Experience: 8 years fulltime. I speak dutch, english, french en a bit german. I have a trainer B diploma , which is the second highest of 5 diplomas in Belgium, which is recognised by the ITF! I also have 6 months experience in club med tunesia. Where i teached in french.  I can teach beginners, young kids, adults and competition players. My player level is a good B-2 classement. If u have an interesting job please contact me! thanks !

Hi Nico, have you had a chance to browse the internet? i found this one recently in my ads. maybe you will find luck here or or

Hi Jays this is possible online??


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