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Opponent Leaves the Court Mid Game

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--- Quote from: monstertruck on August 19, 2012, 08:28:11 AM ---I'm going with a DQ on this one.
Not sure what the injury timeout rules are, but if the 'shoulder hurts' then hang up the ratchet!

--- End quote ---

A player may in fact be dq'd for leaving the court without first seeking permission from an official, but I am not sure off all the circumstances involved wth this particular situation. 

In the first instant, the Tournament Refree or Director should be inform of the time-out. His approval is necessary for the time out and it would be 3minutes according to ITF rulings.

Thereafter, player fail to resume will be DQ.

In USTA events, you have 3 minutes to treat an injury once the problem has been diagnosed.  It must have been obvious that the problem was with the shoulder thus begin the 3 minute clock.  In ITA, you may have a max of 5 minutes for DIAGNOSIS AND TREATMENT. 


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