Author Topic: Did You Know That CBSSports is airing the Qualifying Rounds of the U.S. Open?  (Read 768 times)

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I been watching since Monday and it is probably the best tennis I have seen this year.  It on channel 613 on DirectTV and I forgotten the number on Comcast but you can search for it under "tennis".  The 3rd round is tomorrow at 5:00P.M. Eastern time.  The 3rd round is the last round that determines the 16 slots to be filled for the main draw.   The nice thing about watching it is that the camera is for the most part is shot from the backside of the court and you can watch the action like a person sitting in a seat at the tournament itself.  There is no close up on the person serving and then breakaway to full action; and missing seeing that person's serve motion in one complete serve.   

It like a monitor at the tournaments; it that good a view!   I will be so spoiled when the actual main draw starts up!
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Good to know. I wasn't aware of this.
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