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Hi from Ireland!


Hi there!I'm  xxdanixx.
I'm a student,and a big tennis fan (which probably goes without saying since I'm on here!).I used to play,and loved it,but couldn't really continue playing competitively for a number of reasons-a big one being bad asthma :( Now I play for fun every now and then,and love to watch.There's lots of players I like to watch,but by far and away my favourite is Andy Murray.I'm a huge,huge fan.Don't really have a favourite among the women players,as I like many.Big fan of Laura Robson though,and it's really exciting to see her start to achieve big things-I've been hoping she would for ages now!
I also love reading,listening to music,seeing friends and watching (probably too much) tv & movies

Off to a good start!


Hello danix,
and welcome!

Hope you'll enjoy your time here  ;-()


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