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Nekro t4u:
Hi everybody, Hi Castle. I'm Nekro, a Nadal fan. Had an account here so long ago that I can remember nothing about it, not even my former user name :rofl_2:, despite the fact that I scanned for all of my e-mail addresses. (Maybe had an old mail here which ceased to exist long ago) Used to be a big tennis and sports fan but nowadays don't have much time to watch TV or have too much internet fun (working my ass off abroad most of the time), however, when I do I'm a huge clown and spend a few weeks/year clowning around in an intoxicated state.  So don't freak out when you see me posting old rock, metal and random crap in The Castle. But my old Castle friends know that already :whistle: So, since I'm at war with MTF and the money-thieving criminals admining it for banning CD and I despise its sheepish posters for condoning that behaviour, I've left that board forever as a poster despite the fact that I'm not banned there. (The only possibility of my return there is with the sole purpose of causing them as much damage as I can I if I choose to mobilize resources and people against them, but maybe my thirst for reverge will pass with time) Anyway, If CD wants revenge the key is in his hands, he could sue them for selling fake Lifetime memberships then robbing the users of the money by permabanning them. Dragging them to court would also mean putting faces and names behind that mess of a place which I bet many people would be extremely happy about  :angle-not: Also, they are scared crapless, they took down my original thread there in which I was accusing them of theft (they knew I was right) and in which swish was giving tips to users how to take down the site. Those people are so scared they censor the word "proxy".
Anyway, forget the hate and revenge, this is a new beginning for the whole tennis community, T4Y will be the permanent residence of many new good people, let's have fun in the new Castle.

That forum's lost is our gain! Welcome! Feel at home and post away!!!!

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Hi Nekro, welcome mate!

Yeah nobody's taking MTF serious anymore. What stays, only a group of ppl within players boards etc..

Here you'll find a very friendly place, well, for most of the time.

Hope you enjoy your time here..

Yup, their loss is indeed our gain!  Welcome to the forums!  If you need anything or have any questions let me know!

 :welcome) :welcome) :welcome)

Clay Death:
welcome to the forums general nekromanta.
you are among your very own friends here mate. simply make yourself at home.
glad to see after such a long time.
post away and have a blast.


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