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Hello From Canada!


Hey everyone, my name is Edmond! Nice to meet you all. I'm been a tennis fan for about 5 years now and I'm really glad as I got exposed to it. One of the classiest sports to watch and I'm here to have some great discussions, learn and take in all perspectives I can get to improve my game.

I am also starting to blog about various topics and i chose tennis being one of them, so I can put my opinions out there and see what kinda of responses i get. Thanks!

Cheers to all =)

Welcome - hope you join us in many discussion topics! Post away!!

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Hello Guys, 
i always want to play tennis at my teenage but due to some reason i can't ..
but it's not too late I have recently joined a club for practicing tennis.Hope you all too help me in improving.....@ :)

Clay Death:
welcome to the forums.
post away and have a blast.


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