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Davis Cup Final - Czech Republic vs Spain [16-18 Nov 2012]

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16 Nov - 18 Nov 2012

It is a repeat of the 2009 final which Spain won comfortably 5-0, this time however the Czech Republic will be at home.


Czech Republic:

4-1 Italy
4-1 Serbia
3-1 Argentina


5-0 Kazakhstan
4-1 Austria
3-1 USA

Who do you think will win this time? What surface should the Czechs play on and what do you think the line-ups will be for both teams?

Do you think that Tomas can lead the Czechs to an upset victory if Rafa decides to play in the final?

Clay Death:
czechies will probably use a fast indoor surface. i think they have a chance.
ferru has to lead the way for spain and make sure he gets 2 points.
no way nadal is going to be back this year.

Yeah, the Berdych vs Ferrer match and the doubles match will be crucial.

Overall, Spain has the better and the more balanced side. But if Tomas can repeat his superhuman effort and win all 3 ties [both singles matches and the doubles match] like he did against Argentina, it would be an incredible win for the Czechs.

And yeah, fast indoor is the best choice perhaps. Do they have grass courts in Czech Republic? That could be an option too...

Thanks, Oracle86.  I watched some of the Czech / Argentina & Spain / USA matches.

Del Potro played well against Stepanek - a pity he had to stand back for the further matches.     

The Bryans totally out-classed Granollers / Garcia Lopez, and Isner fought well against both Almagro & Ferrer. 

Still, the result leads to an interesting final.  I'm not supporting either team, but would like to see Spain win it as that nice chap Ferrer is in it!


Clay Death:
it will be on indoor hard courts.


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