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What is really WRONG with Nadal ??

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Nekro t4u:

--- Quote from: mav140 on October 13, 2012, 08:41:33 AM ---
He says that his decision to stay away from courts now is to prolong his tennis career, and that he is thinking on the future...

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Wise decision


--- Quote from: Alex on October 10, 2012, 02:00:36 PM ---although he is only 26yo, his millage is huge. he played so many matches. it is unfortunate but it is catching up with his body. I think all true tennis fans miss him. He has to do much, much better with his scheduling, stop playing doubles and some silly exhos. If I were him I'd play even more clay tournaments, go to South America (there are some great clay tournaments there) instead of killing himself playing on HC.

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I didn't know you were privy to his 'millage'. :confused1:

All kidding aside, I agree that his style of practice/play has taken a physical toll.  It remains to be seen as to whether or not any significant changes will be made in his schedule for 2013.  I don't think he'll be playing more on clay, perhaps just less overall.  Time will tell.

Start da Game:

--- Quote from: medwatt on October 09, 2012, 08:05:20 PM ---Really, his presence has been missed. I read somewhere that he might be skipping the rest of the year. We know its something to do with his knee(s) but he's had some minor injuries and skipped two tournaments at most. Him skipping half of the year must imply something very serious.
I feel he knows he has reached the mid way of his career and he thought maybe he needs to recharge/refresh to end high. Just my opinion.

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nothing really........he just din't recover in time for us open and din't see himself in the hunt for the no.1 just using this extended break to his him come fully recharged and destroy everyone in melbourne or even the world toast finals if he wants to play in that semi dark arena with insufficient lighting........

jesse james:
There is a sense that Nadal is older than his years in terms of his ability I agree with the 'huge millage' point already made. It's not just he's being sidelined again through injury, since he hasn't won a tournament at all outside of clay for two years now, you can see a broader decline in his performance that transcends his latest injury instalment.

It will all depend on how hard he wants to work to get back up to the top.  It's going to be a long road for him, he has missed a lot of time.  He has the skillz, but his body needs to hold up.


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