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300+ weeks is amazing accomplishment, but chasing it with combination of sponsor pressure (aka  "playing Shanghai Masters ") hurt his chances to increase title count at "indoors swing":Basel,Paris & London

Clay Death:
300. incredible record that may never be broken.


--- Quote from: Gawdblessya on October 26, 2012, 06:50:41 AM ---Masterclass,  if you disagree a point, it does not follow that those offering that point are tongue in cheek or trolling the thread.  There is the possibility, is there not that they have a view, and they are sharing it. 

I question why it is difficult to note that Federer's total weeks as number one are not the highest on record, when looking at the overall record for ALL players.  In saying this, one is not sidelining that there are considerations to take into account for men / women/ era's etc.  It is obvious that the men's record is not the same as the women's record.

And actually, Federer's record speaks for itself - I can't see a comment in this thread that seeks to diminish it.   It pisses me off that these discussions become more about the proving of a "right" view than about exchanging thoughts.   When discussing total weeks at number one, it is pertinent to  discuss also the women's record, as all of these records are incredible & the theme of "number one" is being discussed.

There is too much posturing on this forum. Virtually every thread hijacked by repetitive nonsense, yet rarely are the those ccomments referred to as "trolling".    And people wonder why there isn't more uptake in membership.   

--- End quote ---

Men and woman records are different entities, it's best to separate the two.
They don't play each other for the same reason.
You're free to bring it up but the responses will be of this type.

Will Federer get the no1 back? can Wawrinka do him a big favor?


--- Quote from: sid on January 19, 2013, 01:15:22 PM ---Will Federer get the no1 back? can Wawrinka do him a big favor?

--- End quote ---

Stan tried his best!


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