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Nekro t4u:
This thread is for computer games. We can share what games we're currently playing, our favourite games, let those be FPS, TPS, RTS, Story driven or hack and slash RPG, whatever. You can also challenge each other if you like online matches. Don't forget to post screenshots or vids of your internet matches or your favourite gaming moments. Have fun guys, I hope we are gonna learn a lot from each other....

Clay Death:
totally awesome idea general nekromanta. :)
 i hope everybody who indulges in computer games enjoys this thread and also gets a chance to share their ideas about gaming with the others.

Nekro t4u:

--- Quote from: Clay Death on October 27, 2012, 10:59:08 PM ---totally awesome idea general nekromanta. :)
 i hope everybody who indulges in computer games enjoys this thread and also gets a chance to share their ideas about gaming with the others.

--- End quote ---

Thanks CD, here comes the first game:
So my favourite game is Soldier of Fortune 2. It has 3 versions, the demo, the full, and the gold. The gold is almost deserted, the demo version is mostly for the underground community who are connected through MSN/skype all the time, the casual user would also find this version deserted. What you should check into is the full version (Without the gold patch). It's the best FPS/TPS shooter game imo. Now you're asking how can it be FPS/TPS at the same time. The answer is this: One of our coders was messing with the game when he found this magical command: "hash cg_thirdperson <>"
which switches the normally FPS(First person shooter) game to TPS (third person shooter). So on most servers especially in the infiltration mode of the game which is most popular you can play in both 1st/3rd person. This vid will convey the idea

Fairplay Cup 2010 - Quaterfinals HsS vs MDK match1 part1

The best thing about the game is that the users took full control, in case the developer stopped support for it we developed our own master server, so this game will never die like most of the games nowadays. We have our own anti-cheat which eliminates not only the wallhacks, aimbots, etc. but also some of the most known q3 engine glitches like the 333 fps (frames per second) glitch.

Apart from the game's original gaming modes like Deathmatch, capture the flag, elimination, infiltration, the users created some fun mods like Hide & Seek. You will get the idea from here:

Sof2: Xtreme Hide&Seek

So this is what you have to do to play the game: Get the full version (1.00 not the gold one), Don't patch it with the gold patch, but go to our site: get rpm mod and fairplay anticheat from there, unpack rpm mod and put in in your sof2 folder, then fairplay.exe too, start the game with fairplay.exe. to activate 3rd person mode with the RPM mod write "/3rd" in consol (activate consol with 0) or designate a key like "bind x 3rd" in consol then you can switch with that key.

I hope you're going to enjoy this immortal game, the oldschoolers are very friendly, they will help you if you have problems...

Clay Death:
i hear about this game all the time general. lot of folks are enjoying it.
the gamers have to have it. in time i will look into it also. i have never played any game of any kind on the computer except chess when i was little bit into it.
so i will have to get more involved in a game or 2 in order to share ideas here.
i do like the idea of this thread a great deal. i have friends that are playing this very game. this one dude-- brad--has just about lost his mind over these games. he boasts that he has over 3000 games at home.
i mean he used to be a very serious mountain biker. his wife kicked him out about a year ago and he turned to gaming. now his bikes collect dust while he plays games day and night.

Clay Death:
cheers general. here is to your amazing gaming thread.
lets drink to it.


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