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It's time to revive this. With the unveiling of the XBox One, I am officially BACK into console gaming after an 8 year hiatus. The XBox One is an impressive piece of technology(Kinect) powered by the XBox Live cloud service, it should be an unbeatable combination. I'm really looking forward to the speech component.

I am not much of a hardcore gamer, but somewhat of a casual gamer..

Recently, I am badly addicted to MMORPG  :Confused: :Confused: ( )
Its a pretty old game, but  i like the simple anime-style graphics. There are many versions of RO ( ragnarok online ), but the one that i play is iRO ( International Ragnarok Online ) [ ]

Lemme know if you guys are willing to try it out..i can help ya :)

Other than Ragnarok, i play Dream match tennis pro a LOT !!! I agree it got poop graphics, but Its got one of the best game mechanics.
Midtown Madness, Diablo II, Counter Strike 1.6, GTA VICE CITY, GTA SAN ANDREAS are some other games i play.
DOS-Games are all time favourite ( DAVE, PoP ).

I'd love to try out the newer games, but unfortunately, my PC hardly meets the requirements :/
On Xbox, i used to be crazy about Tony Hawk & Forza :)


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