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This thread is to discuss all things related to music. Bands, singer-songwriters, composers, album artwork, concerts, streaming services, whatever. Have it at Castle.

Clay Death:
well done general fed fan.
i think in time this thread will be a huge hit. people will want to post music videos here of their favorite songs and artists.
also it will allow them to interact about the world of music. music, like sports, speaks a universal language.
this is a great day. we now have a music thread for the folks to enjoy.

Apparat - Goodbye ft. Soap&Skin

Nekro t4u:
Long live the old school  :drunk:
King Diamond - Welcome Home [Official Video]

Different streaming services I've tried:

XBox Music, Pandora, Spotify, Nokia Music. Also I listen to a lot of new tracks on Youtube to help decide if I'm going to buy a new album.


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