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Paris tanking

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sorry to open a new thread but this is so hilarious. Nole, Murray and DP losing like clowns not giving a sh!t. OK, at least Nole chosed to lose to Sam, not too bad. then Murray loses to this Jankowitz guy (sorry can't spell his name and I have no clue who he is), then DP loses to Llodra. this is out of my mind.  :rofl_2:

tank, tank and tank some more  :)>>>> at least Fed didn't show up. this is probably the worst tournament in tennis history  :innocent:

jesse james:
I agree.

i called the Murray tank before the tournament began to friends, in fact i recommend it.

Paris is just too close to the year end. Because of the physicality of the game these days players just have to prioritise more.

Jess, I know but this is really bad. of course I know the top guys are obligated to play this mess. God forbid, Nole got something like $400K just to be there. I'm questing our human nature right now. no way in hell that Murray loses to this Jantz guy. Nole is moving so much better than Sam, he blew him off the court so many times, yet he managed to lose today somehow, being up 6:0 2:0. and DP, I won't even go there.

Sweet! I like this thread. This part of the year is completely superfluous. Many players don't care. Can't say that about the GS season.

Thank you Alex.   ;-()

Clay Death:
so who will have enough gas left for WTF?
it is clear that they are all worn out. especially the top guns. they are the ones who go deep in all the big events.
this is a rough time of the year for them.


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