Author Topic: Roger Federer? Hes not the best of all time. He would have lost tp McEnroe/Borg  (Read 6654 times)

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To be fair, he originally talked about beating Borg at RG and Wimbledon, and McEnroe at Wimbledon in 1984. Doesn't mean Federer couldn't have won other slams. Saying Federer could 'play' or 'compete' is pretty vague.

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And lo! Boom-Boom has changed his tune.

so one more ex player turned clown (mcenroe)'s not bitterness towards nadal or djokovic, he's just talking with the flow like mcenroe........forgetting all the history and losing it in the rush of the can you negate something what you said just a week ago or so.......

what net game did agassi have? seriously it's just sick how poor some of the statements from these legends are........

i am reminded of aussie cricketer bill laurie's words - "whenever i din't know what to say, i kept my mouth shut instead of talking rubbish."

that was the answer given by bill to aussie journalists when they asked him what he thinks got him to the greatest cricket commentator position........

You are one of a kind!!!! And I can't help myself from laughing.... Not too long ago, precisely 2 weeks, you said and I quote "Boris always speaks his minds and doesn't go with the flow" and then said that he is a guy worth listening to, instead of all the guys I pointed out: "Wilander, Cash, Agassi, McEnroe, Courier, Connor, etc..." Now we are supposed to forget about your first statement because it no longer suits your need???? You are hilarious!!!!! And lame...

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i was speaking based on his past history thus far........what can i do if he suddenly becomes a clown for one minute and contradicts what he himself said just few weeks ago.........

not even a month ago, he said that federer would lose to so and he comes with i stop speaking for their actions the moment they deviate from truth........

Who are you to say what is truth or not??? Bottom line, you only "respect" any professional that "trashes" Fed.. AND THAT'S THE TRUTH..

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