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Bryan Twins, What Is Their Secret To Achieving Tennis Doubles Dominance?

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Twin Towers in Tennis Doubles… The Bryan Twins… Greatest Tennis Doubles Team Ever…

Whatever it is that you call them, we want to know what their secret is, right?

Well, what is there secret, having a twin, a great tennis diet, both having the word Bryan in their name (…like me icon smile Bryan Twins, What Is Their Secret To Achieving Tennis Doubles Dominance?

This info might help solve the riddle...  :)

Clay Death:
1. they were reared well from the very beginning to be great tennis players. their parents knew how to make that happen.
2. genetics.
3. talent and ability
4. drive and hunger
5. ability to get along and think as a team
6. hard work/work ethic
7 luck. some luck in terms of never having any serious injuries

Clay Death:
there is no riddle.  the family made it happen.

they believed and they went after it.

Excellent movement as a team.
Mad skillz at the net.
Great coach.
Solid serves and returns.

in order to be so good in doubles, it takes 2 players to have that special 'connection'. as 2 bros who are twins it makes perfect sense. they worked together, they put all of their energy and it paid off. too bad I don't get to watch doubles more often. you don't see them on TV unless it's the final of a major (and not even then in Canada, then you have some lousy live streams.

not too many stable double 'couples' make it nowadays (it's like marriages in North America, 50% end up  divorced ) . i.e.Nestor/Zimonic were very good but they decided not to play together any more for whatever reason. then they got together again. gosh, It's like me and Emma  :rofl_2:


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