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stop fighting, please

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guys, I hate to open this thread but, can you please stop fighting, attacking each other, calling names etc. we all can agree to disagree, but lately it's going out of control. what's the point? it's a tennis board, I know we all can get stubborn from time to time ... still. I just tried to read few things and I was like wow, what the heck.  :confused1:. this is not MTF.

Are the voices too loud in your head, Alex dearest?

where's the fight?  :Boxing:

Right now it's in Alex's head.


--- Quote from: Emma on November 07, 2012, 07:23:29 PM ---Are the voices too loud in your head, Alex dearest?

--- End quote ---
yes hun. it's different when it comes to us. we can 'fight' as much as you want to. you know I love dominant controlling women  :rofl_2:.

you need to have red hair tho ... no ifs or buts  :)>>>> blond primadonnas do nothing for me  :innocent:


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