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Just keep having fun out there. :))
Keep your expectations in line with the amount of time and energy you have to commit.

Brick Top:
OK folks. Today I have played 5-set match against my friend - and I won it, one of the sweetest victory I must say  :)~
I am pretty satisfied with my overall display, although poor serving coasted me a 2 sets (double faults) but I still got plenty of aces. To mention it was my first time on clay court and for my surprise it was a pretty fast and low bouncing (not a big  amount of clay on court) which suited my game perfectly. Cant be happier  :)

Sounds like fun!
DF's cost you 2 sets?  Yikes!
Sounds like a good place to start improving your game.
Build a solid 2nd serve that you can rely on and work up from there.
Have you had or do you plan on any lessons?

Brick Top:
Hello monstertruck and thanks for advice.  Since the winter is coming here I will appoint indoor sessions and work on it at  least one/two times per week . In the same time I will play more with my friends.It will be long indoor season for me  :)

Brick Top:
Consistency is still the key . When is ON my serve along volleys is my biggest weapon. Sometimes after  long and tight set and especially if i loose that one I feel mentally exhausted and that reflects on my serve. My concentration drops, I could not even concentrate on my serve motion and ball toss, but last time I fought back at the end and won so it will just push me to work more in every aspect of the game. I need to cite that I have played many sports but I find tennis most enjoyable and love for this game is that makes me that I like to play it and work more on it.


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