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job interview

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^ i think i have to read that again.......

How about now?

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yeah now it looks easier than digesting your avatar.......

It was really a stupid question to ask to an experience person like you and this is the common sense that everyone must have.  ..-)

I have attended a few interviews as well.. I got the very same question and it is a tricky one.. There is an element of testing the ambition of the candidate [me] and. as the interviewer suggested, the candidate's desire. I do not know what is the right answer. I make sure to emphasize upon my sense of loyalty.. In my experience, this always is interpreted as a lack of confidence, meaning the interviewer takes me for a fool and makes me an offer that is underwhelming..

My cousin once told me this regarding interviews: ' the purpose is not to choose/shortlist candidates , but to eliminate them'. She works as a corporate HR executive.  :(

I wish you luck. Hope we crack the job market soon!!


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