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--- Quote from: Clay Death on December 10, 2012, 08:18:40 PM ---hola general scott the invincible.
we had a new member join the other day. he is a massive roger fan.
loos like he will get to see roger play in person on 12/12. he is going to try to post some pics and maybe even a video at the castle.
he is none other than general viruzzz. you can check out his name at the castle`s opening page.
he is a cool chap.

--- End quote ---

Most excellent, the more the merrier!  Welcome to the forums viruzzz!  And indeed, post pictures please, that would be great!  Feel free to post them in the general tennis section as well for all to see, introduce yourself!  Look forward to getting to know ya


--- Quote from: Tennis4you on December 10, 2012, 08:10:30 PM ---That would be killer.  I wanna see 1000 posts a day minimum when the new season starts.  Chop chop!

--- End quote ---

No problem Scott, we will make it 1200 posts/day. :gleam:

Clay Death:
chop chop. :)) :gleam:

Nekro t4u:
So yesterday I was kinda pissed and made a long post about why T4U is the best place to build a community but I didn't want to disturb anyone  so deleted it. However, today I still see the same problem , even though not in the same dramatic light as yesterday, and I would be derelict in my duties if I didn't share at least some of my thoughts on this thing, I'll make it as short as possible.

So the problem is that some of us are stepping in the same s**t again and again. Posting on  TF, MTF, tennisdotcom, tennis warehouse is ok, but making one of them your primary tennis board is a very stupid mistake.  I know most of us are drinkers and  restricted in our ability to think coherently, I'm also used to the fact that mimi says the wrong things at the wrong time 99% of the time and I don't even blame her because she's a lovely creature otherwise, but when a few days ago she said it was so quiet here after chatting all night on TF and with a straight face too, the fuse went boom in my head....

I don't know how it's still not obvious to everybody, but on message boards where there are 30 admins named Stinky, Pinky, wildemoqueen01, Joe D., Bob and Richard W. there will always be some corrupt or incompetent admins. It's just a question of time when one of them  has menses and decides she doesn't like your face after all and bans your ass. Also, there's the possibility someone posts with your IP address (someone with a router, IP faker or someone posting from the same workplace in certain networks), rare but it can happen, and you're banned for multiple accounts. It's like building your house on the edge of a cliff, maybe it will fall into the sea in 1 year, 7 years, 10 years or maybe not in your lifetime but who knows.... Then the sulking begins: "I got banned by those mofos :(..."

That's why T4U is superior to those boards, we know everybody here, General Scott and the mods are nice, this place is the best to build the community. Building the Castle in 20 s**tty places and half-assing T4U is a very very unwise thing to do. Promoting this site on other sites? That's good. Doing all the chatting on other sites? That fukin' sucks. I told everyone, if for some reason this site ever disappears (which I doubt, it's in good and caring hands) I will build a site myself with features never seen before on noob boards like MTF. That's my insurance. So making castles everywhere is very dumb and pointless, for promoting T4U it's ok, but making one of them the primary Castle and doing all the chatting there while dropping newspaper articles and Sparta pictures here once in a while just because the other place has 3 more (very dumb and shallow) posters is a very big mistake. In my very humble opinion of course..... That's all I wanted to say.

Clay Death:
what up general nekromanta. i think we can make friends at other places and slowly start bringing some of those folks here.
that can only happen if we build some friendships and earn their trust. its like getting out of the house and meeting people.
we could stay in the house and never meet too many new people. so if you want the fish, you have to go out and catch it.
and also all you do is minimize one site and simply pull up another one. i am usually here, at TF, and facebook, and the jets facebook all at the same time. it doesnt hurt a thing general.
extra exposure only helps us. i have been able to bring a few people here by simply getting out and about.
and it is just damn slow everywhere right now. things will pick up once the australian open gets going.
that said, i agree. this is the place to build a growing, vibrant community. these things do take time.
we are not going to have a ton of people here in a matter of 3-4 months.
we will just keep trying to recruit people from other places as much as possible. and that is is our grand plan anyway. i sdaid that before i even went to TF. i told our friends here more than just once that we can only grow here if go out and meet people, build their trust in us, and then ask them to check this place out.
we just have to keep at it.


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