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Nekro t4u:

--- Quote from: Swish on August 17, 2013, 05:29:11 AM ---It sounds like you have a personal problem with the poster, you're breaking my heart.  :cool:
I have already brought up the first post to masterclass and slasher, they said they would not allow such kind of posting anymore.
I wanted to see if they allow only some posters to post like this.
Favoritism is the word I'm looking for.
If they do nothing then I'm free to respond.
I suggest you change your style or get out.
There was tens of thousands of posters at MTF and only a handful followed you here, most of those have left too.
Things were peaceful here but you have to disrupt the forum, the last time you were rendered powerless with losing your mod position.
You have been run out of MTF, cracky ran you out of somewhere else and now I have that information he talked about.
You have been banned from here before and are working on it again.
No followers again for you. The writing is on the wall for you, look in the mirror.
But for now we will see what slasher and masterclass will do.

--- End quote ---
Come on swish, you too should stop the fighting, CD is not going anywhere, he has many friends here, other boards and on facebook too trust me, and we all like and support him, we all know he's trying to build a nice community here and elsewhere and no matter how much his haters are trying to discredit him all they achieve is we support CD even more and our Castle community gets stronger and stronger....... in winter the chat section was such a nice place, it wasn't CD's fault either some trolls managed to cause it some damage but we'll rebuild it and ignore the trolls.........  CD now stopped the fighting you should too.......   Even if you're über clever and über evil and über supported by other CD haters and you manage to get him banned what have you achieved? There are many tennis boards,  CD is already a moderator elsewhere because people know he's a good  and  likeable person...... However, we like this board and we would like to stay here and build the chat section here too, if some fellows don't like it they can just ignore it really.........

This particular thread has gone way off the topic and I see no more useful purpose to it. 

It was initially intended to be a sort of dumping ground for people that used to post at MTF and were fed up with the goings on there and needed a way of expressing it.  I allowed it to remain open originally, although there were those who objected, because one could see it was cathartic.  After a while, most people had released their anger and there was not much activity in the thread.  At some point, the thread starter had even said this thread could be closed.

But recently it has been used to stir up animosity here among T4U posters.  I had been focusing mostly on the Castle and Village threads, but finally (perhaps a bit too late), noticed this activity here in this thread.

I'm not going to mention names, but no one is innocent here. Consider this a global warning to all.

Again we have people either overtly or subtly inciting, baiting, or threats and people counter attacking.  Please don't bring up these subjects in any other of the chat threads.  The content will be deleted and the posters will be warned and possibly banned. 

This thread is now closed. 

Thank you.



--- Quote from: Nekro t4u on August 16, 2013, 09:46:38 PM ---as  for the slasher incident, Slasher wanted to give me an extra 7 days of ban lying that i made a death-wish against swish in my wall post, when i obviously didn't.... I said we DON'T have to euthanize these poor beings, the village will be a nice quarantin for them....... hahaha even swish against whom the post was directed and who doesn't exactly like me said nothing bad was contained in that post....... If I hadn't fought  to reveal the truth I would be still banned and Slasher would have gotten away with it...... luckily he got caught......

No matter if Slasher is given another chance as a mod, he's now a fallen villain, no matter what colour his name is glowing in, if he's got any decency left in him he resigns soon and someone fair and objective and who actually cares about the fate of the board like masterclass is promoted to global mod instead....... but i expect that like corrupt politicians, he will cling to his power with all his fangs and claws........

I still didn't get full justice cause basically i got longer ban (well, you could say big deal, I could post on other tennis boards for that time, yes that's true but I'm emotionally attached to t4u) for telling the truth than Alex got for days of the vilest racism, sexism, cursing and creating troll threads or freaky(T4U is dead) for intentional forum disruption, insults and trolling....... Freakyman who keeps lying constantly not only about his age but even about his gender ........and this person is Slasher 1985's friend, draw some conclusions from that..........   btw freaky still haven't changed his name despite the mods' request, it's obvious that he's not slasher's friend and he doesn't care at all by not complying with his request he makes Slasher look even worse..... 

Anyway, I put Slasher on the wall and remove him from the Castle op, that's the minimum of justice i can get...... if he's using corruption again and tries to mess with the wall or the castle i have further action planned against him........ I hope he will take it like a man and will use his LOGIC, which he's posing as the champion of, instead of nerdrage that he's getting more and more infamous for......

--- End quote ---


Are you kidding me? These are the actions of a person without any form of personal life whatsoever. So, remove me from the Castle OP and cast me in the thread as a wall of shamer. I look worse for what? Banning you?  :rofl_2: You should have been banned years ago for this thread filled with hate and insults alone. I am being fair here and in no way offended by your pathetic 'justice'.

You can talk about me (without insulting) anywhere you like. The world is a free place. All that will remain is the fact that you have almost 0 posts outside of this chat section, while by contributions stretch beyond it. You have 0 contributions in any tennis community, I basically can't figure out what you're doing in one, you don't belong here.

Anyway, it's good that this hate-filled thread is now closed. Excellent decision, Sir John. I didn't want to cross into your section and do decisions for you, otherwise I would have closed it myself. :gleam:


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