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High Powered Tennis Drill To Lose That Turkey, Fast!



Doubles is great after a Thanksgiving meal. But you don't want to be playing with that extra partner that you acquired after that big meal (...the one that likes to hang out right around your waistline area).

Get Rid Of Him (...or Her) Here:

Lugging around that extra person while you're trying to kick some butt and enjoy the holiday weekend doesn't bring around a good or pleasant feeling. And I think it's illegal too... 3 against 2? I'd say so.

So, if you want to redeem yourself after all the deep-fried turkey, mashed-potatoes and gravy, mac-n-cheese, pumpkin pie, strawberry cheesecake etc...

Then check out this drill below:

This one is a killer (...and you will be out of breath), but it's a great first step that'll help you get back into top-notch condition before you can say... "Oh, no."

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, your leftovers, and this awesome exercise! :)


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