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Brick Top:
Folks you can discuss football here, give some tips for hardcore betters like my self  :blues-brothers: or post anything about this game, teams and stars.

Later I will write a review of English Premier League for the start.

Brick Top:

                                                                   MANCHESTER UNITED

Very ambitious side this season and current league leaders. Plenty of last year  newbies and young players such us goal keeper De Gea who really grow his balls this season and he is steady and heart cold at the goal line, and Chicharito who can now hold the ball for few yards without losing it and he stopped receiving ball with his shankbone as they taught him in Mexico. Van Persie, they biggest signup proved that he is worth every penny. Only knowing the strength of Manchester City, who are now out of European Champions League and will be full concentrated on Premiership and with their problems with defense now with absence of capitan Nemanja Vidic due to injury  I dont believe that United will be able to win a title this year.

Second place for them

                                                            MANCHESTER CITY
Few years ago Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan bought this club and with that classy move he made English champions out of lousy and pity neighbours who were led by legends such as Darius Vassell and Kiki Musampa ended up frequently in a low part of the table before that. Now as one of the richest clubs in the world and last year champions they will be top contenders for this year also. Not only that they have maybe the most quality team out of them all...but team chemistry might still be the problem (that is not a surprise when you have a guys like a Mario Ballotelli and Carlos Tevez in a team, plus crowded with a lot of quality players who does not want to be reserves for example. Edin Džeko) but now  when they are out of Champions League they will be fully focused on Premiership and a title here is must-win for manager Roberto Mancini if he does not want to feel the wrath of his owner.

                            "Those Idiots are paying us so much, we dont even have to play stupid football!"

One look on the premiership table and average football fan will notice a black sheep among top 4. Yes it is West Bromwich Albion or WBA who currently after 13 games holds a 3rd position in front of powerhouses such as  European Champions - Chelsea, Arsenal, Tottenham, Liverpool etc.  Steve Clark so far made a good job by drawing the max from this young team with diamonds like Shane Long and Romelu Lukaku (loaned from Chelsea)  they can really hope for a good campaign this season:

Consistency is a key for them and time will tell if WBA can keep up this good from and save their ticket to Europe

Brick Top:
I will make some more reviews in later days and not only English clubs  :)

Clay Death:
congrats on founding a new lounge for european football general brick top. :))
barclays premier league rocks the world.
this is going to be a great place in time.

Clay Death:


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