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Clay Death:
Updated Jan 16, 2013 3:04 PM ET       
  MEMORY LANELook back at Josep Guardiola's reign as manager of FC Barcelona.
Pep Guardiola, who led Barcelona to 14 titles over four seasons and turned the Spanish club into arguably the best team in the world, has agreed to become the coach of Bayern Munich starting next season.
Bayern announced the deal Wednesday, after a meeting of the top management.
Earlier in the day, Jupp Heynckes told Bayern he wanted to end his coaching career when his contract expires at the end of the season.
Rumors of Guardiola coming to the German powerhouse have been swirling around local media for weeks and Bayern made it official just a day after Guardiola expressed his desire to manage in England at some point.
Guardiola stepped down at the end of last season and is on a one-year sabbatical.
Under his guidance, Barcelona dominated Spanish and European competitions with its passing game and frequent scoring from standout Lionel Messi.

Good choice this.. Pep likes a club with history, passion and organization. Bayern have a good crop of players - youth along with experience. They are well-run and a global football powerhouse. Jupp Heynckes will leave Bayern, at least, as Bundesliga champions.. Guardiola will have his work cut out, having never played in Germany, or managed outside Barcelona..Still, if Bayern wanted to bet on a a young manager, why not someone with pedigree as a player and success as a manager.. From FCB to FCB. Best of luck, Pep!  :king:

Clay Death:
looks like Pep is done with his break from football.
he is ready for action again.  good to see you around propstoart.
we are just getting started with the tennis4you chat section. feel free to check out some of the other threads.
we are a little slow at the moment but things should pick up eventually.

Clay Death:

The title is Man United's.. Knowing Sir Alex, he will ensure United do fine..  ;-()


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