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Brick Top:

--- Quote from: propstoart on March 04, 2013, 12:05:47 PM ---The 's**t' is about to hit the fan.. Barca have Real to thank for eliminating them from the Copa.. In a week's time, Milan will knock them out of the Champions..

The Liga itself is relatively safe, only because of the record-busting start to the season.. The front-line is pathetic except for Messi, the midfield is inert, the back-line is leaking goals.. Now, Valdes' red mist moment will cost the team its capitan and no.1 goalkeeper.

Roura is not Vilanova, but he should not have to be, or does he? Don't the players realize their roles in the team? Is the team missing Vilanova so badly?

Too many players experiencing a collective dip in form.. I don't know when the players will be able to turn this around, because if they do not, tragedy beckons..  :Confused:

On the other side, Madrid are flying - with CR7 in sublime form.. Among the others, Varane's star shines brighter every game.. Morata had a good match and Ramos scored the winner!!

Real will fancy their chances of beating Man United at Old Trafford.. Ronaldo returns to the stadium, where he established his status as a global superstar!!  :))

--- End quote ---

No luck for ManU clearly the better team overall until the red card. For Barca I predict 2010 Inter scenario

ManU have only themselves to blame - Sir Alex could be furious about the Red to Nani, the penalty calls that were ignored [ironic because they get a lot of penalties they do not deserve!!], but kudos to Mourinho and his team who turned it on big time - they broke down Man United with their brillance, instead of relying on the opposition's mistakes..

The introduction of Modric was inspired.. Ozil and Higuain combined beautifully to lay on the 2nd goal for Ronaldo.. Rafael's card was cut in the ist leg, Sir Alex persisted with the Brazilian but the gamble blew up big time.. Rooney - ManU's most creative player, started on the bench.. Problems there that need resolving.. Nevertheless, there is the League and the FA cup - which if clinched, will mean the club return to trophy-winning and celebrating!!

Post match, Mourinho was unusually calm and generous - best of luck to him! Madrid are flying!

Barca ought to concentrate on regaining their mental and physical strength, focus.. They look shot and clueless, when teams play 'catenaccio' football.. There is no cutting edge to their tiki-taka.. Also, there is no sharpness in front of goal.. The defense is shipping goals.. What hole to stop first?? The acting manager Roura has a lot on his hands and he unfortunately does not seem capable of turning it around..  :Confused:

I'm sooo proud of Barça today.
Demolished Milan today.
Dedication, passion and a great tactical plan.

Tots units fem força! Visca el Barça!

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Barcelona justified their belief and delivered a stunning blow to knock-out the Milanese side. The manager got the side right and deployed the most attacking formation.. Mind you, the occasion necessitated it..
Barca played their socks out.. The impact of the 2 Messi goals, erasing Milan's advantage inside the 1st half cannot be over-stated.. Playing with high-tempo, pressing hard all over the pitch, Barca saved their best form for this match. Barca were made to look even better by some atrocious passing by Milan, but that again was the product of the intense pressure applied by the Catalans..
The challenge now would be duplicate this performance, which given their previous slump, is not straight-forward..
Also, questions remain over the CB position, which I hope is resolved in the summer transfer window..

interesting champions league week, can real madrid turn it around? think bayern are going to be in the final.


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