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major cricketing nations,

1. India

2. England

3. West indies

4. Australia

5. New Zealand

6. Pakistan

7. Sri Lanka

8. South Africa

9. Bangladesh

10. Zimbabwe (Rhodesia)

associate members who are relatively new and growing in the sport,

1. Argentina

2. Belgium

3. Bermuda

4. Botswana

5. Canada

6. Cayman Islands

7. Denmark

8. Fiji

9. France

10. Germany

11. Gibraltar

12. Guernsey

13. Hong Kong

14. Ireland

15. Israel

16. Italy

17. Japan

18. Jersey

19. Kenya

20. Kuwait    

21. Malaysia    

22. Namibia    
23. Nepal
24. Netherlands    

25. Nigeria    

26. Papua New Guinea    

27. Scotland        

28. Singapore    

29. Suriname    

30. Tanzania    

31. Thailand    

32. Uganda    

33. United Arab Emirates    

34. United States    

35. Vanuatu

36. Zambia

a cricket ground - hambantota cricket stadium in sri lanka,

venue for the first ever official cricket match in 1877 - melbourne cricket ground,

a venue which is considered the home of cricket - the lord's cricket stadium,

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unarguably the three greatest batsmen ever in cricket in no particular order, 

Sachin Tendulkar (India)

Brian Lara (West Indies)

Don Bradman (Australia)

thanks for this new thread, Shankar, but sadly i know nothing about cricket, seems an interesting sport, i tried it for a few minutes many years ago during a gathering with friends but i knew that your country is the best for this sports  :)

i hope some other posters know about cricket and can talk with you :)

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unarguably the greatest fielder ever in cricket,

Jonty Rhodes (South Africa)

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there are too many great bowlers, so it's difficult to pick out three greatest ever among them........


thanks mimi, you just need to understand the sport and you will find it interesting.......


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