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australia are chasing a mammoth total of 632 in perth against south africa........two days remain in the only a matter of time before they get bowled out.........

nice thread  :)) :)) What about Ponting ? I hated him a lot but feel he was a great batsman and one of the best of this era . India needs to win this test and Tendu needs to do well or this might very well be his last series  :(

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well tendu top scored today with 76 which somewhat saves him for the moment........frankly who's his replacement? look at kohli who's been failing all through against this quality english attack........tendulkar should be given the respect he deserves.......he proved today that he is still capable of getting runs........expect a ton from him in the next two innings........

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well i too never liked ponting but he will be remembered as one of the greats of his generation........he had the benefit of being part of one of the GOAT teams though for most part of his career........

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india lost a closely fought cricket match today against england........yuvraj singh with his slow left arm spin singlehandedly brought india close to victory, only to be spoiled by the inexperienced fast bowlers in the end........


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