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Start da Game:
currently india and england are playing a 4 match test series which is tied at 1-1 after the second test.......third test should be gripping.......

south africa and australia are playing a test series in australia.......

you know HK is very small, hard to find a place big enough to play cricket  :king:

Start da Game:

--- Quote from: mimi on November 28, 2012, 01:50:25 AM ---you know HK is very small, hard to find a place big enough to play cricket  :king:

--- End quote ---

i think they conduct a tournament in hong kong which is called "the hing kong sixes"........yeah you need some large free space to play the game........however we used to play even on the streets as well when we were kids and couldn't go to the grounds on our own........

Clay Death:
the great cricket lounge has been founded by the great general shankar the invincible. :))
enjoy sports fans. post away and have a blast. :)

Great start to the Cricket Thread General Shankar!  Thanks for starting it.  I have a couple of requests if you don't mind. :)

Since you are very knowledgeable about the sport could you please recommend an excellent youtube video on the basics of playing Cricket for those of us that are unfamiliar to the game?  Maybe you could also find a link or two to some excellent full matches so we can watch once we understand the basics.

If you can find these, I think it would be best if you would put the links to it in your original post so it can be found easier.

Thanks again!



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