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I need to get this on the homepage of Tennis4you as well, I just need to find the time.  As always, Mertov is writing some superb articles about tennis.  Always a great read for sure.  I can still remember a decade ago he had a tennis radio show I think on Tuesday nights, I always listened in as Mertov has amazing insight.  Anyhoo, his latest article is up:

Stellar 2012 in Tennis! Well, Almost...


Clay Death:
maybe we can start his own thread at the chat section. go ahead and fire it up general scott.

I also enjoy reading Mertov's articles  :coffee:. He provides a different perspective from what we normally get over here in the US and has been deeply involved in the game as a player and a coach. I suggest people add the link given by Scott to their favorites list.

Clay Death:
good work general scot.  :))

Thanks Scott, Euroka and Cd.  I wish I could find time to write more frequently, and more than that, stop by here more often.  I am absolutely slammed until Christmas but I hope to change that after that.



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