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There's a great new posting on Mertov's site.

My conclusion is that Derek Tarr has led a much happier life without being burdened by a Navratilova encounter.  :)

Neat story.
Good job putting it in perspective for today's generation.

Hi everyone,

Latest article is up.  It's about the Fed Cup finals and the factors that contributed to the several top Russian players missing the tie.  In case you're interested - I know women's tennis does not draw much, especially Fed Cup :) but in any case here it is, "Wacky Week in Women's Tennis..

Hi everyone,

Sorry, I'm several days late, but this was the latest posted on Dec 2:


Mertov has just put up an interesting article about fandom.
It makes interesting reading on this very rainy day here in Washington where the rain is so heavy that one does not even want to drive to an indoor tennis court.  :rain:, making it a great day for reading.  :book:
He starts off with:
"The most glaring examples of this "my-guy-must-be-the-greatest" anxiety come in the form of invented or overrated categories that have, in reality, no business in the GOAT debate if reason and objectivity were to prevail. This article will not make a case for any one player; instead, it will attempt to foreground the problems of partisanship's over-involvement in the debate by pinpointing to a few of those artificially created measuring sticks."

I have often wondered how strong crowd bias affects the players. I expect the pros get used to it and block it out. I'd personally hate it. I remember how at Cincy some years ago, I was sitting in an adjacent court when Roddick was playing Soderling in the central court and how, from the crowd noise alone, one could follow exactly how the match was going. I should add that I never enjoyed seeing Roddick play and was easily attracted to alternative entertainment  :) .  More positively, nowadays I find myself just wanting to watch the best tennis and get the most irritated when one or other of the top players doesn't seem even to be trying.


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