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--- Quote from: Mertov on November 05, 2013, 07:17:05 PM ---Hi everyone,

Latest article is up.  It's about the Fed Cup finals and the factors that contributed to the several top Russian players missing the tie.  In case you're interested - I know women's tennis does not draw much, especially Fed Cup :) but in any case here it is, "Wacky Week in Women's Tennis..

--- End quote ---

Nice article! 
Always good to hear historical perspectives on metrics used to guage a players strength, in this case the "GOAT".
Fully agree with the Davis Cup, People have been using this one quite a bit recently to bolster Nadal's advantage over Federer.

Hi everyone,

A very happy day indeed: 
MT-Desk has moved to its new home:

My tech-able friend helped me through the set-up and our goal was to keep it as simple as possible, not put too many distractions on it.  Since I mostly write for my friends (including the wonderful group here at Tennis4you, the only tennis forum I follow and participate in the "www" universe), and simply because I enjoy writing about tennis, there will never be any advertisements or unnecessary links on the site.  Your feedback is always welcome!  Feel free to use the "comment" section at the bottom of the article or send me an email.   


Nice, thanks for the update!

Hi Mert,

The new site looks very nice   :applause: . I've replaced the old bookmark.
Shall get back at length later but have decided the following: (1) will miss Washington this year. (2) will certainly go to Cincinnati. (3) will not go to the Australian Open. I decided I could not take the heat :PHEW:) .

Thanks Scott.  When you get a chance, can you edit the link on the first post of this thread (I am assuming you still can since it's yours)?

Euroka, too bad about the Australian. Cincy looks good equally.  Come to the French and/or Wimbledon! :P


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