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Predictions for 2013

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Nice thread Sir Alex.  :) I know how much you love prediction threads... ;)
If you don't mind, I'll chip in later after I see Mr. Nadal play his first ATP match in 2013.

I expect Murray and Djokovic to be in the hunt for at least 3 of 4 majors. I think we will have a break-through player win his first major.


Start da Game:
australian open: nadal

french open: nadal

wimbledon: del potro

us open: nadal or del potro

australian open Murray or Djokovic if both are on other side of the draw.
french open nadal if he's back to normal???
wimbledon Murray or Djokovic
us open hmmm,maybe Fed will have this one,today i think this is the best court for him.


AO: Murray
RG: Nadal (if he is healthy)
W: Murray
USO: Djokovic

Brick Top:
AO: Djokovic
RG: Djokovic
W: Murray
USO: Del Potro


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