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The Best Player of 2012: Rafael Nadal

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As Sir Alex has said, it's not all about the points. Forget runner-up and semi results and points - those are for bean counters. The typical fan only remembers winners of the big events.  The #1 ranked player, Novak Djokovic, started out well, barely winning the AO on his favorite surface, the least important major. Thereafter, Nadal dominated Djokovic 3 straight times.

Australian Open (Djokovic)

Monte-Carlo (Nadal) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------Rome (Nadal)

Roland Garros (Nadal)

Clay King Rafael Nadal, winner of his record 7th Roland Garros title, had an equivalent or better record against his top rivals head-to-head for the year. Nadal had the highest match winning percentage of the year - .875 (Djokovic - .862).

Unfortunately Rafa was unable to compete in good condition after Roland Garros (he competed at Halle/Wimbledon, but he was clearly not himself, losing early), so Federer's Wimbledon and Murray's Olympic and US Open wins were obviously tainted (*) because of Nadal's absence, as were Djokovic's later wins in Toronto, Shanghai, and perhaps a lesser extent, the World Tour Finals.

In terms of overall quality and performance against his main rivals, it was an impressive year for Rafa even with his absence post Wimbledon, and many would say he deserves Player of the Year. His rivals realize they have work to do.


P.S. Roger: "Nole, you're the best!" Nole: "Whatever you say King Roger."  Andy: "After I cried, King Roger decreed I would win 1 slam and it happened. I guess I need to cry more."

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concurred........just look at my sig.......the man kept going after him and finally owned him with his incredible will 3-0 in the clay season........that is clearly the story of 2012 by some margin........

no surprise that it is not highlighted by the money obsessed media buffoons because nadal is sidelined now and is not much of a newsmaker for them until he returns........djokovic, murray and federer worked their asses off the entire year just for 1 slam........

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thanks general masterclass, the epitome of unbiased....... 

My pleasure General Shanks.  Nadal, with his rather poor sense of scheduling, basically donated half the year to the rest of the players. But then he's been generous this way throughout his career. Not much new here, just a bit longer break from the game. Anyway, he achieved what was needed. He reversed the trend with Djokovic and now has the all time record for wins at Roland Garros.


I'd put Nadal at #4.
He ducked out of the WTF remember, another donation?  :rofl_2:


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