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The Best Player of 2012: Rafael Nadal

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--- Quote from: Start da Game on December 02, 2012, 01:39:25 PM ---
--- Quote from: Emma on December 02, 2012, 12:02:01 PM --- Extremely biased thread. Novak Djokovic was the best player in 2011 who left no doubt in anyone's mind when he beat Nadal in 3 Majors in a row - 7 times in total since then out of their total of 10 encounters. This year, the title still goes to Nole simply because he has proved already that he's the better player of the two (Nadal and himself). Nadal has yet to win a title outside clay since 2010.
 And the asterisk mark next to Murray's name makes no sense. Masterclass can never say for sure that the outcome would have been the same, as in, Nadal would have won had he met with Murray both at Olympics and USO. This year Murray was on a different level mentally as not only he had Lendl as his coach but he also left a very good behind just in 2011. He was extremely focused and determined to win his first GS this year. If you want to be fair then please put an asterisk mark next to Nadal's first RG slam as well since he only had to beat Puerta in his first Slam final win. Murray has beaten Nadal before at GS level not once but twice and one can never say that he wasn't going to do it again. Djokovic took things to a whole new level in 2011, something no one saw coming. Frankly, I don't get this sort of worshipping that undermines one's ability.
 I also absolutely don't get this sort of post when posters don’t' take into account that injuries and all other unfortunate elements are part of the same game they play. If not then, we will have to put asterisk marks next to each win and loss.

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grandslams without nadal are as worthy as video games without joysticks........djokovic 2.0 is history, it was just one great season and it is over now........nadal put an end to his winning streak by defeating him in the roland garros final and stopping his slam winning streak........that is a far better story than anything this year.........

2013 = return of the spartan.......get ready........

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I have to say I don't agree with many of your posts, mainly because personal preference... But I do have to agree with in everything you are saying here Emma... Nice post...

And the fact remains... The fact that Nadal hasn't won a single HC title since 2010 should say something to everyone, not only Nadal haters... But just as Nadal haters want to diminish his success outside of clay, Nadal worshippers should realize this fact and say it as it is... But NO, now we are supposed to put an asterisk to everyone who is not Nadal!!! LOOOOOL

Let's put an asterisk because Nadal missed some easy shots, let's put an asterisk because he was injured, let's put an asterisk because Nadal's parents were having couple issues, let's put an asterisk because indoor is not a real surface, let's put an asterisk because the WTF is nonsense and nobody wants to win it (mainly Nadal), let's put an asterisk because Nadal was focused on the Soccer World Cup, let's put an asterisk because Nadal wasn't feeling the ball, let's put an asterisk because Nadal didn't play that tournament, let's put an asterisk because there is a conspiracy theory against Nadal, let's put an asterisk because Nadal was not wearing his sleeveless shirt, let's put an asterisk because he didn't pull out his shorts from his azz enough to feel motivated, let's put am asterisk because the ball boy threw his perfectly aligned water bottles and threw him off... Heck, let's put an asterisk because the winner is not Nadal... Did I miss some??

At first this could be funny, but now it's hilarious, pathetic, lame and boring...

I have an idea........... Look for a new thread.....

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that "no hardcourt title for 2 years" stat is way overblown........that is a stat of zero has no weight going forward........

he made 7 to 8 hardcourt finals or even more counting from world toast finals in 2010, losing all of them to best players of that moment when his own form and fitness were a way he has defeated himself in most of the finals........

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--- Quote from: Emma on December 12, 2012, 10:27:25 AM ---
--- Quote from: Start da Game on December 12, 2012, 10:12:56 AM ---once again what a great unbiased thread by masterclass........he is a genuine fedfan if you dint know that already........

5 months, 1 grandslam win and 1 slam final which he actually was on the way to winning it but decided to donate it to his opponent in the last second........

others.......12 months, 1 slam each........

the answer is quite simple........player of 2012 = rafael nadal........end of story.......

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But that's a flawed logic, Shanker. Just because masterclass is a Fed fan and yet supports Nadal as the best player, doesn't mean whatever he says are therefore the epitomes of unbiased statements. Who put him on that chair? We watch tennis too and I particularly exercise logic and use facts when it comes to tennis. I don't think I am going to let him run away with that sort of biased opinion even if he's joking. Andy worked very hard to make the Wimbledon final, win the Olympics beating both No. 1 and 2 Players in the world no less and then again, beat No. 2 player in the world at the USO final to win it. Only a person with biased opinions would be interested in putting asterisk next to Murray’s such glorious achievements. Neither Nadal nor Federer had to deal with 3 other top players to win a slam. They only had each other to deal with. In fact, this sort of undermining boils my blood.

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i never put any kind of asterisk beside murray's slam or his olympic can check my old posts as well........murray deserves his share of luck, no asterisk for him........he is the unluckiest of the top 4 to be having to battle in a field of 3 to 4 well established greats ahead of him........

but it has to be noted who took him out last year at the us open and also wimbledon.........murray also benefited a bit from del potro's support (by draining federer out with a 5 hour marathon in the semis) in let's give a close second spot to murray........of course that is just my view.........


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--- Quote from: oracle86 on December 04, 2012, 10:50:55 AM ---
--- Quote from: Start da Game on December 02, 2012, 02:02:29 PM ---fighting spirit was never bigger before,

US Open 2011 Final Djokovic vs Nadal [3rd Set Highlights - Part 1 of 2]

US Open 2011 Final Djokovic vs Nadal [3rd Set Highlights - part 2]

fru mcmillan was mightily amazed and said "he's just a magnificent animal!".......

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And what happened after that?

This happened -

Set 4 Highlights

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that is irrelevant........a human can only fight to certain extent........nadal maximized it........many tennis pundits have unanimously agreed that such fighting spirit was rarely seen before........there was nothing nadal could do that day with that weak backhand, weak serve and low he managed to win that set is something to amaze at.......

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I give Nadal a lot of credit for the fight he had, it just wasn't his day.
There's not one player dead or alive who's not had a tough loss.

Zero significance??? That's rich...

Got to 7 -, 8 finals? How many finals foes Roger have under his belt on clay only to be defeated by Rafa? More than that...

Again, the only guy who gets saved by any of YOUR stats is Rafa for whatever excuse you can come up with ... Hilarious!!

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you are forgetting that rafa used to beat those players, unlike fed who always lost to rafa.......


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