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The Best Player of 2012: Rafael Nadal

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Lets see Djokovic vs Nadal on HC. H2H stands at 11Ė5 right now.


--- Quote from: masterclass on December 02, 2012, 03:39:23 AM ---As Sir Alex has said, it's not all about the points. Forget runner-up and semi results and points - those are for bean counters. The typical fan only remembers winners of the big events.  The #1 ranked player, Novak Djokovic, started out well, barely winning the AO on his favorite surface, the least important major. Thereafter, Nadal dominated Djokovic 3 straight times.

--- End quote ---
I never thought of you or any of the other regular posters here as 'typical fans'. :Confused:  I think that 'casual fans' remember winners of the big events.  Fanatics such as those found in tennis forums are typically much more informed and interested in the game.

Atypical Fan

 Extremely biased thread. Novak Djokovic was the best player in 2011 who left no doubt in anyone's mind when he beat Nadal in 3 Majors in a row - 7 times in total since then out of their total of 10 encounters. This year, the title still goes to Nole simply because he has proved already that he's the better player of the two (Nadal and himself). Nadal has yet to win a title outside clay since 2010.
 And the asterisk mark next to Murray's name makes no sense. Masterclass can never say for sure that the outcome would have been the same, as in, Nadal would have won had he met with Murray both at Olympics and USO. This year Murray was on a different level mentally as not only he had Lendl as his coach but he also left a very good behind just in 2011. He was extremely focused and determined to win his first GS this year. If you want to be fair then please put an asterisk mark next to Nadal's first RG slam as well since he only had to beat Puerta in his first Slam final win. Murray has beaten Nadal before at GS level not once but twice and one can never say that he wasn't going to do it again. Djokovic took things to a whole new level in 2011, something no one saw coming. Frankly, I don't get this sort of worshipping that undermines one's ability.
 I also absolutely don't get this sort of post when posters donít' take into account that injuries and all other unfortunate elements are part of the same game they play. If not then, we will have to put asterisk marks next to each win and loss.

oh, you evil master  :rofl_2:.  you didn't tell the whole story and I'm too tired to explain who is who on MTF and how that thread happend so that people who don't post there can understand. you can go ahead if you want to. the funny part the thread is still going and guys are fighting to no end  :))

Very well said Emma. Probably your best post in a few years.  :rofl_2:


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