Author Topic: Why can't TV stations broadcast Tennis Matches in Court side Camera View?  (Read 952 times)

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When some points are broadcast in court side, player level camera view, it looks so much better and real and intense.  You could really get a glimpse of how fast they really run, and how intense their play is.  It kinda feels like the real thing.  I wonder why this camera view is not broadcast all the time?

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Re: Why can't TV stations broadcast Tennis Matches in Court side Camera View?
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I like that view as well.
Not sure if I'd like to see it 'all the time', but definitely more often.
It certainly feels more realistic and gives a much better sense of the athleticism involved.
CONK da ball!!!

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It really a good experience to watch it, they should broadcast it all the time.

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They can if they want too since it is totally free!  They would not have to setup any of their own cameras since the tournament has fixed camera's on each end of the court to use as monitors for outside viewing of the fans in cafes, sitting areas, locker rooms and shops.

The reason they do it; is for the talking heads to do replays and to continue the talking more just before they always cut off the serving action just before the ball is struck so that it can pan to the other side for the return.   

It just a bunch of crap!  I hate it!  I love watching the action on the monitors at the tournaments.  No talk and full view of the action without cuts in the play!