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Rising Stars of 2013

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Clay Death:

--- Quote from: jesse james on December 11, 2012, 04:51:09 PM ---it's a good thread in that it shows just what a peculiar period we are in. In a sense the top four are so dominant that ijt's hard to see anyone challenging them-certainly no rising stars, as such.
I envisage more of the same, just as i would have predicted more of the same this time last year-and guess what.....

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you know i was just thinking. the game has changed so much. now the juniors simply are not good enough to compete with the veterans of our sport.

it really takes one hell of a prodigy to crash the party.

still if there was some rising star out there capable of making just a little bit a splash, who would it be?

Clay Death:
what about nole`s brother general alex?


--- Quote from: Clay Death on December 11, 2012, 05:02:09 PM ---what about nole`s brother general alex?

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little Djordje, who is 15/16yo (I think) has a long way to go. The older one Marko will never get anywhere.


--- Quote from: jesse james on December 11, 2012, 04:54:06 PM ---
--- Quote from: Alex on December 11, 2012, 04:30:08 PM ---hm, nobody. youngsters are simply not that good. Raonic might break it into top 10, but that's questionable too.

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Don't you think it speaks volumes for men's tennis that we can say, without fear of ridicule 'youngsters are not that good'. Astonishing.

incidentally, ridicule is nothing to be scared of!

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It is sad as I'm all for some new fresh blood. That Tomic said a couple of days ago that he was planing to become 'the best player ever', uh, oh. I was laughing so hard. Tomic can't even win a 250 event, yet he is talking about being the best ever. I'm sure Fed is sh!ting his pants  :rofl_2:.

Tomic is going in the opposite direction. He needs to get his head on straight first - and I'm not that impressed with his skills.

I hate the fact that almost all the "new" players are fitting the 6'10 mode. I don't like those really tall players like Raonic, Isner, Sam, etc. I hope the next up and comer is more like Roger/Novak type instead of just a big serve. But I haven't seen anyone like that coming up, unfortunately.

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