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Did the ball Bounce Twice?

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Question received via email: 

I was playing tennis today, and my question is if the opponent hit the ball, then, I saw
it bounces once on our side, my partner was hitting the ball, but she did not see it
clear, she said it bounces twice.  I said to her it only bounced once, then our
opponent said I can't say anything, it should be my partner to say if it bounces twice.

If partners disagree on a call, give the benefit of the doubt to the opponent.  Consider this a double bounce.  This is the same as if a ball was hit to their side and 1 player called it good and the other called it out.  IT IS OUT.

I've never thought about how this works in dubs but if I remember correctly the double bounce is supposed to be a 'self call'.  Of course Jamesdster is correct in deferring the call in the opponents favor in the case of partners disagreeing on a call.

What if the person hitting the ball says they do not know and their partner says it only bounced once?  Then what's the call?

If there is any doubt, the call goes to the opponent.

Babs hits a wicked droppa (by mistake of course!) and asks if the ball bounced twice before you got to it for a clean winner.
You say 'I don't know, I was running so fast I couldn't tell'.
OSU says 'yo fool, it's match point and it only bounced once'.
Jamesdster presiding in the chair awards the point to Babs.
You & OSU win the match on the next point by hitting a kicker in the ad court that bounces over his head for an ace.


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