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Live Tennis Commentary/Chat Vol. #1

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Nekro t4u:
So it's here guys. The thread in which we can comment on the matches point by point when we feel like it. Now we're ready for the 2013 tennis season :)>>>>

Clay Death:
cool. this is tennis4you one stop shopping at its best.
it will especially help the new folks until they are comfortable enough to get around the site. i got no problems with this.

Awesome, this is the perfect antidote to the Toxic Dump(s).

Brick Top:
This is just what we needed  :)

Clay Death:
general nekromanta your live tennis lounge will also get the top billing at the chat section.
i believe these 3 lounges that are stickied will gain greater exposure and may even help generate some growth.
general brick top`s football lounge has the potential to get really big in the coming year. football is the most popular sport on the planet.
now all we need is some growth and folks can really enjoy themselves here while they are relaxing at home or at a coffee shop.


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