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no handsome Isner in AO  :)&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt; :)&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;


--- Quote from: mimi on January 10, 2013, 09:59:02 PM ---no handsome Isner in AO  :) &gt;&gt;&gt;&gt; :) &gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;

--- End quote ---

Isner reportedly has had knee problems from late last year, he thought the bone bruise there would heal up but it still is bothering him.
So that's where his decision came from.

Clay Death:
looks like he should get on clay as soon as he can also. no need to risk further damage.

he is not a bad clay court plaer.

Clay Death:
order of play for Oz:

Dynamitrov just went from 3-0 up to 3-4 and a break down.

Not good at all.


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