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nick the greek:
Canada will win.

Clay Death:
spaniards are fighting back in the 3rd set. thay have made up the deficit.
looks like you are right. canada has the upper hand at the moment.

Clay Death:
oh well. spaniards are well on their way now to losing another doubles match.

Orange Wombat:
16 year old Christian Garin has taken the first set over Jeremy Chardy :scared: I like Chardy, but I have to root for upsets and promising youngsters  :)) The guy has a simple, straightforward game, though he gets upset with himself too much.

Clay Death:
he has talent. what the poor chap lacks is height.
but he is 16 so he could still grow 2-3 more inches.
the average height of a tennis pro in the top 100 is 6 foot 2 inches now


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