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Live Tennis Commentary/Chat Vol. #1

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Brick Top:
I cant wait for season to start up  :)

Clay Death:
you got it general brick top.
Oz is just 23 days away now.
and abu dhabi is right around the corner. so it appears that clay warrior is playing.
there is no way he can win given his current shape. he should have got back on clay to work on his ground game and to keep the knee a little bit insulated from the extra impact of hard courts. he would have been more prepared for this exo.
well he did it his way and now he will pay the price. he is already making excuses: he said he is not 100% and that he knows that knee may not respond.
that is his way of saying that he kno2ws that he is a damn fool and that the knee is not anywhere near 100% even after taking nearly 8 months off.
its a shame really. he keeps going out of his way to destroy his knee.


--- Quote from: Nekromanta on December 20, 2012, 08:14:32 AM ---So it's here guys. The thread in which we can comment on the matches point by point when we feel like it. Now we're ready for the 2013 tennis season :) &gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;

--- End quote ---

Thanks for setting this up, we can do our b$%tching here during matches.  :rofl_2:

Clay Death:
we will have a lot of fun here next year general swish. :))
get ready for a year long tennis party. :)

Clay Death:
i will try to find the order of play for tomorrow. :)


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